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Emma Eastwood
Emma Eastwood
Foremost Limited

I worked with Chris when I decided to set up my business, he helped me to make my dream a reality, we got a methodical plan together and over the months he helped me make a smooth transition from being employed to running my own business. Chris is a very calming influence when you feel like there is a lot of pressure and he works through it with you at your pace.

I have been a consultant for 11 years and very rarely recommend people into my clients as I feel that they may not meet my own high expectations, but I recommended Chris into one of my clients and she has had nothing but praise for him and she was at a real low
point in her business.

I would describe Chris as thoughtful, calm, methodical and very knowledgeable in starting and growing businesses.

Andy Banks
Andy Banks
Venture Forge

Having spent many years of my life building business that I had ownership in, I had found myself in a large corporate role and had a burning desire to get back into a more entrepreneurial lifestyle. As a frustrated entrepreneur stuck in a corporate role, I needed someone who had the expertise and right approach to help me re-ignite the passion and spark I had for launching my own venture, whilst managing the challenges of my high-pressure role at the time.

Chris has this. His personal approach, experience of the entrepreneurial world but most importantly his agile and flexible approach was a good fit for me. He’s also passionate and focussed, and really invested his energy into me and my business.

Now that my business is up and running, Chris has been instrumental in driving the initial growth and traction that the business now has.

I’d highly recommend bringing Chris on to your team if you’re looking to broaden your thinking and drive rapid growth through your business.

Darren Stringer
Darren Stringer
Brighter Connections

Chris has the ability to have challenging conversations (at times very challenging) but critically, off the back of building trust between both parties, candour and sharing a desire to work for positive outcomes as an outcome of the relationship. Although emotionally demanding at times, it has helped that based on establishing trust, we can be very direct, open and overcome difficult subject matter and communication. This is key in the quest for both personal and professional development as an individual and for the business I lead. Our engagement has seen Chris help us create an environment where people of different ages, abilities and experience can begin to work together with a clearer methodology, process and measured outcomes.

Thriven’s Business Operating System framework and accompanying tool-kit has given us greater focus and greater traction. Before we met Chris, we had plenty of energy, enthusiasm and commitment and that is needed in spades to be successful, but the extra structure Chris has introduced has helped harness the values and the vision we already held and we are now moving forward with a greater sense of purpose. Our Management Team have begun to embrace the changes with genuine commitment and as a result, we are better equipped to achieve the goals we have set for the next 24 months and beyond.

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