Workable fixes to bounce your business forward

Are you…

working too many hours

not making enough revenue and/or profit

overwhelmed by the constant changes and uncertainty

letting your business run you (instead of the other way around)

battling to get people on board with your ideas

drowning under an endless to do list

missing out on exciting opportunities

wondering if you’re good enough…


Being a solopreneur is tough. We know. We’ve been there.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to scale, doing it alone can be really hard. With so much advice at our fingertips, it can feel like being battered by a ‘how to’ bludgeon. Leaving us frozen in our tracks.

Knowing what ideas to put into action and how to actually make them happen, is the difference between creating your dream life and not even getting off the starting blocks.

That’s where we come in.
The Thrivetribes Mentor Programme is for businesses that want to grow, flourish, thrive, prosper, bloom…
Basically, if you want to take control, this is the programme for you.


We don’t just share theory. We show you the practical steps to build a sustainable, profitable business, without burning yourself out.
Think of us as your agile, on demand, business partners. We are there to bounce ideas off, ask our advice, shut down procrastination and tap into our many experiences of working with businesses just like yours.
The 9 month programme gives you the tools, techniques and tangible assets to grow your business, as well as a critical friend every step of the way.

The ThriveTribes Mentor programme consists of 4 Modules that make up your journey to creating a business that thrives. Each component is designed to help you grow your business in the way that’s right for you.


Are you an owner managed business, mini empire builder, consultant or solopreuneur? We work with passionate people who want to transform their business – whether you’re right at the beginning of your journey, or ready to take the next step.

We enable you to design your business so it works for YOU.


Each month you get on-demand agile support, along with a host of reading suggestions and useful resources. This means you can call us anytime to bounce ideas around, ask for advice or simply talk things through.

A huge part of business success is down to mindset. Throughout each module, we’ll be working with you to unblock the things holding you back, refine your business thinking and build clarity into everything you do.


Catherine Bonner, Ambient Tribe, employee engagement specialist with
Chris Iredale, Thriven business coach and mentor

“We created the Thrivetribes Mentor Programme because the right mentors have had a massive impact on our own success. And for us… the right mentors were those that shared practical steps, not just theory.”

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This programme has no doubt accelerated our scale up process. Within 18months of our project we were in a position to attract the attention of global business-productivity consulting and services company Wicresoft and our business was acquired at the end of 2019.
Working with Catherine and Chris, we have been able to create an environment where people of different ages, abilities and experience can work together with a shared vision and values that we can all get behind. We have clearer methodology, process and measured outcomes, given us greater focus and greater traction. The extra structure means we are now moving forward with a greater sense of purpose and has been instrumental as we adjust to new ownership. Our Management Team have begun to embrace the changes with genuine commitment and as a result, we are better equipped to achieve the goals we have set for the next 24 months and beyond.

Darren Stringer, Managing Director Wicresoft, formally owner and founder of Brighter Connections.

Thrive Tribes tools and processes are working and increased our bottom line by 15% without any decrease in uptake.
Chris instantly tailored his advice and recommendations to our situation and I had complete trust in him from the get go!

Michael Gration – 5 Rise Contractors

Thrive Tribes helped me see things in a different way, to feel confident in standing my ground where necessary and giving me belief in myself and the potential of my business.
I leave every mentoring session feeling really motivated, with a list of practical actions that I can complete, which is the best way I like to work. .
I have definitely grown in my approach to business, how I think things through and organise the plans I take. I simply wouldn’t have put a lot of things into action without out this coaching.

Sarah Banks – IVF Coaching & Consultancy

venture forge

Having spent many years of my life building business that I had ownership in, I had found myself in a large corporate role and had a burning desire to get back into a more entrepreneurial lifestyle. As a frustrated entrepreneur stuck in a corporate role, I needed to work with people who had the expertise and right approach to help me re-ignite the passion and spark I had for launching my own venture.

Working with Chris and Catherine did just this. They helped me get the right foundations in place to launch my new business. Chris’s personal, candid style, experience of the entrepreneurial world and most importantly his agile and flexible approach was a good fit for me. Catherine gave me clarity over my values and brand and a real focus on recruiting people, prospecting clients and running the business inline with those values. They are both extremely passionate and focussed, and really invest their energy into me and my business.

I’d highly recommend bringing Chris and Catherine on to your team if you’re looking to broaden your thinking and drive rapid growth through your business.

Andy Banks – Manging Director, Venture Forge

sjr solutions

Thrive Tribes mentoring is rewarding and delivering ROI by enabling the scaling up of my business with increased profits.
In the first three months working with Chris and Catherine the way I manage my business has completely changed for the better.

Simon Reed – SJR Solutions

Chris helped me set up my business and made my dream a reality! We got a methodical plan together and over the months he helped me make a smooth transition from being employed to running my own business.
Chris is a very calming influence when you feel like there is a lot of pressure and he works through it with you at your pace.
I would describe Chris as thoughtful, calm, methodical and very knowledgeable in starting and growing businesses.

Emma Eastwood – Foremost Ltd

My only regret was not being introduced to Catherine earlier, it would have saved us a lot of time, effort and uncertainty.

Mark Lyons – Calibre Recruitment.

Catherine is an expert listener, she possess a natural logic and common sense on a wide range of subjects, making her an ideal sounding board to senior leaders in any organisation.

Steve Holt – Frog Education


I consider Chris part of our team.
His enthusiasm is infectious and I would recommend his teams services to anyone looking to grow their business.

Chris Bairstow – Veloskin

If you have a question about the Trivetribes program please feel free to get in touch via the form below.
We look forward to speaking with you
Chris and Catherine